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Today’s craft is…a Christmas candle!

If you have air dry translucent clay like people in Japan do, your options are really limitless. You can make any kind of miniature candles, as you can fit the clay in any container.

If you’re like me, and don’t have the easy access to such luxury, this tutorial is for you.

I used FIMO polymer clay here.  I mixed Christmas colors with translucent clay at 1:9 ratio to create the clay in the photo below. I flattened the clay at about the same thickness.

And circled them out.  If you prefer different shapes or design, please go ahead.  What’s really important here is just that you use translucent clay.

I stacked the three colors and smoothed out the gaps.

This is how it looks like once the clay is baked.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to stick in a wick before baking. I made my wick with some white FIMO clay.  You can be done at this point with your candle, but I wanted to make a candle in a glass jar, so let’s continue.

I really tried out various materials to recreate the glass jar…the plastic sheet from an empty box, thin plastic wrapper, tape…but the best I’ve seen so far is a thin plastic sheet used for the sticker sheets, you know, that clear sheet that stickers come stuck to.

I just cut out a rectangle strip, and wrapped it around my candle, then I just taped the back.  If you’re just using your candle for the display, you just need to have a small space under the candle, and it will look like the bottom of the glass jar.  If you’re doing more than displaying your jar, then I recommend filling the bottom with some hot glue.

At the end, I put a label on, so it looks like the candle from the store.

You could use miniature glass bottles or miniature glasses that come with Calico Critter products for the candle jar for more durability.  This plastic sheet jar is very true to scale because of the thinness.

See what I mean?





8 Replies to “Candle”

  1. I am really enjoying your Christmas creations! So clever and detailed! Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Yay! So sorry I’m writing back replies this late… My son got sick as soon as Christmas break started, and then passed it to me. LOL I was throwing up left and right on Christmas day! Hahahaha…. We’re finally feeling better enough to eat some food. I hope your Christmas was better than ours!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Mimi! I am not sure which one of all the Christmas crafts is my favorite, I love them all, you are a true artist!

    1. Thanks Maria! It’s always fun to focus on just miniatures time to time. Happy to hear that you enjoyed them! 🙂

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