Balloons 2

Hola! I know that there is an old tutorial featuring Umeko‘s Balloons, but I thought I’d share this one for people don’t have the easy access to Easter eggs.

It’s pretty straightforward, and basically you can make any shape you’d like for your balloons with very light weight air drying clay.

Once the clay is just about solid, add a bit of clay at the bottom so it looks like a knot.

Stick in a white wire, and let the clay dry completely.

After it was dry, I used nail polish to coloring the balloons.  You can also use paint, of course.  It’s a good idea to give it a bit of shine at the end.  So if you’re not using nail polish, use some kind of glossy finish on it.

Personally, I think that the pearly color nail polish looks great!

For Valentine’s day, I made heart shaped balloons, too.

If you’re lucky, you might find some Styrofoam hearts at the store for quick balloons.  Don’t use nail polish on Styrofoam though, because it will actually cause the styrofoam to melt!

It’s good to also note that light weight clay is typically heavier than Styrofoam, so don’t go too big on your balloons, or they’ll be too heavy for your wire and won’t stay up!

“Mom is going to love these balloons!”




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