Roses 2018

Hiya!! I know it’s been a long time since I last did a tutorial on miniature roses.  I’ve been given a much better camera since then, and my roses hopefully look a bit better, too.  And what occasion is better than Valentine’s to make roses?!

I made red  roses this time.  If you’re wondering, I usually use Kato Polyclay for flowers.

I made 4 different sizes of logs with clay, and sliced them out at about 0.5mm thick.  Also, I cut off about 2mm thick out of the smallest log for the center of the rose.

Flatten and roll up the 2mm thick piece first into the shape like the one in the photo below.  Also flatten the 4 smallest clay petals by rolling a tooth pick on each of them on your finger tip, making them as thin as you can.

One by one, stick on the 4 petals on the core piece.

Now flatten 6 second smallest petals.  Try to shape them as close to circle as you can.  (If this is hard for you, you could make clay balls with each petals first before flattening them.)

With these 2nd smallest petals, you’d want them placed a bit higher position the core, and also opening the tip of each petal slightly outward.  This is a good spot to let the clay harden before moving on further.

Once the clay is hard, roll flat rest of the petals.

Before attaching the last petals, let’s shape the bottom half of the rose.  Get some clay out, and wrap it around the bottom half of the rose.

Using a tooth pick, shape the added soft clay into an upside down bell shape.  It’s easier to work with this rose with a pin stuck on the bottom passed this point, so you won’t squish your delicate petals.

It’s good to remember that a pair of rose petals are always facing toward each other.  Attach the last petals even higher point that the last ones, curling them wider.

Once all the petals are on, harden the clay once more, and you’re done!

“Will you be my valentine?”





4 Replies to “Roses 2018”

    1. Thank you! Hahaha, I’m not that patient, but when it comes to crafting, I guess I’ll do anything. LOL It’s good to give it a few days to work on the clay flowers continuously. Well, at least that’s about how long it takes me to get my hands used to clay flower making. ;D

    1. Thanks! I think rose are one of the hardest flowers to make looking realistic. Hopefully this year’s version is better than the last tutorial. 🙂

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