Candy Hearts

Hiya!  Do you have any special plans for Valentine’s day?  Mine is to go shopping for the discounted chocolates the day after. LOL

The last of this year’s Valentine’s Day crafts is miniature candy hearts.

The big ones are actual candy hearts.  I know I didn’t put messages on mine….it sounded a bit too much. lol  Maybe next year?

The heart shapes are made with yet another straw heart shape cutter.  Only this time, I used a really narrow type that came with the boxed juice I buy to throw in my son’s lunchbox.

I later adjusted the shape of the heart a little to make it look more like the real candy hearts, but now that I’m looking back, I think the original shape was much cuter…. 🙁

Anyways, I guess that is the price I pay for trying to be authentic to the shape of the candy hearts.

This is the size difference; the one of the left is the one used for the candy hearts, and the one on the right is the size I used for the cookies.

I used FIMO polymer clay because I think they have nice colors.

I directly rolled out the clay on a baking sheet.  You can do whatever works best for you though.  I happen to use a small oven just for baking clay by my desk.

Before cutting the hearts out, I lightly spread some corn starch on the surface.

Small hearts were trickier for me to cut out, especially when they were thick.  So I recommend making your clay thinner if you’re having a hard time.

I carefully removed the extra clay off the pan, using a toothpick.

After removing all the excess clay, I baked the hearts like this.  By rolling the clay directly onto the tray, the cut out heart pieces stuck to the surface and didn’t stay inside the straw (most of the time). As you can imagine, dealing with such small straws and trying to keep the fine detail, the less we have to mess with the clay, and their shape, by getting them out of the straw, the better.


My, is it just me, or are his eyes twinkling with joy??

“I love you bear-y much!”





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  1. It´s so much fun, to watch your tutorials. And they are so helpful!

    Happy times for you and your family, too! <3

    1. Thanks, Daniela! I’m glad to be able to bring a bit of fun in your life. That’s pretty much what makings me keep going. 😀

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