Shika Chan Statue and Topiary


As you probably know, I have a very good SF friend, Soramama, in Japan; her family and I had a great fun time together at the Tokyo Toy Show last year! A while ago, I asked her if there were anything she wanted that I could make for her town. She said she was interested in a deer Sylvanian shaped topiary.  She has a deer character in her town is named, “Shika Chan” (Shika is the Japanese word for “deer”).  On her blog and Instagram, “Shika Chan” is actually the main character that goes everywhere with her – she even throws a birthday party for him every year!

Considering the number of topiaries I’ve made over my crafting career (?), making the Shika Chan topiary wouldn’t take me long. So, as a surprise,  I thought I’d make a bronze statue of Shika Chan and throw it in the package.

…and, here they are!

Shika Chan is actually a closed hand type character, and I only had open handed deer.  In cases like this, there tends to be slight differences in body shape and faces as well.  I mainly referred to my deer, but tried to pay close attention to the photos, which Soramama has posted on her blog.  I also needed to do this because Shika Chan wears his signature overalls as his outfit and I wanted to incorporate those into his statue.

After I made a statue out of polymer clay, I then made a mold, then a cast using that mold.  I then used the cast for the topiary, as it didn’t need a high level of detail.

And here it is!  A Shika Chan topiary!


And a Shika Chan bronze statue!

If you are interested in tutorials, here are the links to some of the tutorials that I’ve done in  the past that came into play during this tutorial.


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  1. Thank you for sharing our member of the family , Shika chan. My wife(soramama) and I greeted new villagers of Shika chan statue and topiary. Today we are surprised out this post !

    1. My pleasure, Sorapapa! It was a fun project to work on your Shika chan!
      I’m very grateful for the friendship of your family. You have such a lovely family!! 🙂

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