about Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters

Sylvanian Families is the name of a brand of dolls and houses. They are about 1:16 to 1:12 scale depending on the item.  (Because of the dolls’ unique proportions, it is hard to set on one scale. Thus some of the regular dollhouse miniatures work fine, and some don’t.)

A Japanese company named, “Epoch” makes these toys, which are sold worldwide. However in North America, they are known as Calico Critters.  If you live in America and are looking for these toys, unfortunately, they are only sold at very selective places, such as Toys R us and Barns & Noble. Most of the items are sold online, so Amazon and eBay will be your friends.

Here are the families I currently own.

Photo Apr 17, 10 29 58 AM

Families and Houses are usually sold separately, but don’t come cheap, especially the houses.  In the US, not many houses go on sale, and usually you have to buy used vintage or imported houses from other countries in order to expand your town.

I often hear people complaining about how small the houses are and that there isn’t enough room for all the furniture.

Photo Apr 16, 10 32 11 AM

The starter house currently out on the market is very tiny compared to the one you see above. The starter house only has tiny two rooms; one downstairs and one upstairs. The big house in the picture however has 8 rooms.

Photo Apr 16, 10 31 57 AM

As long as you own a family, and a house (big or small), you’re good to go. You can even build your own house if you’d like. That’s something some crafty people love to do!