Pumpkin Stall


Welcome back, friends!  It’s officially October!  Halloween will be here before we know it!

Oh, how was my break you ask? Unfortunately I can’t say I got a lot done.  But it was a nice little break nonetheless.  Luckily, my son just transferred to an all day kindergarten, so I will have more time to craft moving forward. 🙂

Today I’m going to introduce my Halloween pumpkin stall.

I carved out a store bought fake pumpkin decoration made out of Styrofoam to make this stall.  (I got this one from Target’s dollar section a couple of years ago.)

I sanded the inside a little just to make it easier for me to paint.

I also made a table and shelves with foam board and balsa wood.


I filled the shelves with mostly things from 2015 Halloween crafts.

I kind of like this miniature Halloween tree I made.  😀


I installed a lighting inside of this stall, so you can see the inside better.

I bunched up the lights like this…

To install the lights, I needed to remove the stem end.  Then I made a slit on top to squeeze the lights in though.

Like this.

Then I glued on the remaining wire along the wall.

I glued back the pumpkin together with a glue gun.

With some air drying clay, I covered up the lighting wire sticking out on  top and made it into the stem shape.

Once t he clay was dry, I painted the stem black.

Oh yeah, I added a door for my Sylvanians to use to get inside.

I just used a normal hinges and screws.  It’s not reinforced, so this is just more for the show.

“Welcome to the Halloween shop! It’s limited time only!”




ballet theater railings


Hiya, friends!

Today I’m going to write about how I made the funky curly railings of my ballet theater entrance.

I can’t imagine many of you wanting to make the same design as these, but I think that the basic idea might help someone come up with fun designs of their own.  It’s not that hard, so take a look!

First I cut bamboo skewers (the kind used for barbecuing) into the length I wanted.

Then I glued the bamboo sticks into bundles of 3 each.

Columns are made out of foam boards.  It’s not whole a lot of durability here, so if you need more structural integrity, I would coat each columns with resin once it’s done shaping, before paining.

Anyway, I used sand paper and added some textures and lines on each column.

Then I curled the foam like this…

And hot glued them to the bamboo bundles.

It looks pretty strange, but I wanted something curly for my railings for some reason. lol

After painting the railing pieces with acrylic paint, I glued them on the theater base.  It’s not that bad…I hope!


Ballet Theater Stairs


Hi, there! Have you heard the news? There is going to be another capsule collection for the SF Village Cake Shop! It’ll be a lavender color set with chocolate treats! According to my friend, Sayapon’s blog, it will be released in December 2017. You can see the photos on her blog, so if you’re interested, go check it out!—->> Sayapon’s Blog

In today’s post, I want to show you how I made the stairs and decorations for the ballet theater.

You might thing that making your own staircase with a unique design sounds a bit complicated, but it’s easier than you think!

What I did is this…I made bunch of copies of bottom step out with foam board, tracing the shapes.  For this particular design, I just needed to flip the board for the other side.  Once you have two stacks of all the same shapes on each side of the stairs, you cut off the extra for each step.  Making them shorter and shorter as they go higher.  This way, you really don’t need to measure or do a math.

Glue them all together, and it looks like this.

Add a side wall.  Because foam board bends very easily, this shouldn’t be very hard for you, right?

I wanted to have a little space for statues in between the staircases.

And I just kept on adding more and more pieces to create the base for the ballet theater.

I used air drying clay for the side decorations of the stairs.  I had a bunch of roses I made long ago, so I glue them on too.

I thought I add some designs on the steps, too. I pressed on some metal parts I had to make impressions on the foam.

3D stickers were very handy for the moldings on the walls for this particular craft. I got these stickers at Michael’s.

This is how it looked like before I painted everything.

After paining the base.  It always feels like a bit of a gamble to me because I have to assume things will look okay once paint is done.

Later, I will do another tutorial on how to make these funky railings in the photo below.