Fun in snow!

Welcome back, everyone!  How has your new year been so far?  Mine has been pretty good.  Surprisingly, we’ve been having very Springy weather the last week or so, and it’s reminding me how much I’ve missed that beautiful season!

Anyway, have you noticed all the changes made on this site?  My husband helped me remodel this entire site over the break.  The cute navigation buttons are also his designs!   I just kept telling him, ” I want this, I want that, I don’t like this….etc etc.”  Thank you so much for always being so tolerant with me, babe!!

Moving on to the main topic of today’s post, my son and I had a fun time making an instant snowy scene using, “Floof.”  I found this brand at a gift shop in the local aquarium of all places. lol


It’s soft and kind of reminded me of cotton candy.  This is a type of never drying play dough, and I thought it would be great for imitating snow for my Sylvanians.


Although I used “Floof” as my pick, there are many other brands of kinetic sand type things in various colors these days, so I hope you experiment and find your favorite.  Good thing about these as opposed to using regular snow or sand is that they are mess free and can be used indoors without worry.  Also they are pretty easy to make shapes with, so kids will have lots of fun.

I patted down my dough, and made a instant snowy scene for my son to play with.

Here comes a snow boarder!

He can easily leave his foot prints on the snow, too.  It’s not that easy with fake snow powder made for dioramas etc.

Snow angels!  By the way, “Floof” in particular, will stick to your critters just a bit sometimes, but you can get it off very easily with some tape, so no problem there!  Also I’ve noticed that once you open the package and let the product dry out a few hours, it gets much less sticky to your fingers and easier to work with.

O, oh! He is making a snowball station!

Snowball fight!!

As I said earlier, it holds the shape pretty well, so you could make a snow castle, if you wanted to.

I think I’ll have a fun time playing with this again next winter!

Happy Holidays!

Hooray, my Christmas display is finally finished! I’m so happy I got it done before Christmas….lol

This year’s display is much much smaller compared to last year’s, but I’ve packed the inside with lots of fun things!


Let’s open the glass door…

It’s a scene of a Christmas gift shop! I have some of the items I’ve received as gifts from my friends incorporated in this scene, too.  I wonder how many of you hard core readers of this blog can spot them. :p

Alright, let’s have the shoppers wait outside for a minute, and I’ll show you around…

This is the view from the side.  I hope it looks exciting enough that you’d want to walk in and take a look. 🙂

“Welcome!”  I made this gray wooden counter using balsa wood.

I’ve repainted an old SF shelf into Christmas design.   I’ve used some store bought items for this display, like the white deer, red robin, teddy bear (I added his scarf), and jams from SF miniatures.

After giving out the last snow dome, I decided to make another to keep, and put on the counter.  This time, I added a sled and a wreath on the cottage door.

This is a cookie mix jar I made with my son.  We used real cookie ingredients from our pantry. (Luckily, SLC is ridiculously dry all year around, so we don’t have to worry about mold etc.  If you’re trying this out, I recommend sticking in a few silica gel balls inside.)

This is another part I like about this scene.  I made miniature paper bags out of washi tapes.

Okay, so did you spot any of the creations by my friends?

This flower pot was given to me by Yuuzu a couple years ago.

These balls of yarn are from Okenoruk.

I boxed some of the Chocolates from Soramama.

And a Christmas plate from Matsuko.

I’m pretty happy with  this display, although I won’t have very much time to display it in my house this year.  Let’s hope it’s still intact next Christmas!

Oh, and I’m going to be doing some constructions on this site during the Christmas break, so I think I will take a bit of a break from posting as well.  My plan is to be back with a new article early January.

Happy Holidays, everyone! See you soon!



Hi, there!

Today’s craft is…a Christmas candle!

If you have air dry translucent clay like people in Japan do, your options are really limitless. You can make any kind of miniature candles, as you can fit the clay in any container.

If you’re like me, and don’t have the easy access to such luxury, this tutorial is for you.

I used FIMO polymer clay here.  I mixed Christmas colors with translucent clay at 1:9 ratio to create the clay in the photo below. I flattened the clay at about the same thickness.

And circled them out.  If you prefer different shapes or design, please go ahead.  What’s really important here is just that you use translucent clay.

I stacked the three colors and smoothed out the gaps.

This is how it looks like once the clay is baked.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to stick in a wick before baking. I made my wick with some white FIMO clay.  You can be done at this point with your candle, but I wanted to make a candle in a glass jar, so let’s continue.

I really tried out various materials to recreate the glass jar…the plastic sheet from an empty box, thin plastic wrapper, tape…but the best I’ve seen so far is a thin plastic sheet used for the sticker sheets, you know, that clear sheet that stickers come stuck to.

I just cut out a rectangle strip, and wrapped it around my candle, then I just taped the back.  If you’re just using your candle for the display, you just need to have a small space under the candle, and it will look like the bottom of the glass jar.  If you’re doing more than displaying your jar, then I recommend filling the bottom with some hot glue.

At the end, I put a label on, so it looks like the candle from the store.

You could use miniature glass bottles or miniature glasses that come with Calico Critter products for the candle jar for more durability.  This plastic sheet jar is very true to scale because of the thinness.

See what I mean?