ribbon dress

In the last post, I did a tutorial on making a flower dress for the fairies.  In today’s post, I’m going to teach you how to make a dress using only ribbons.  Although it requires a bit of a sewing, it is still pretty simple.  You can use this technique to make cute ballerina dresses, too.

If you haven’t seen how to make the fairy wings, here is the link!

Anyway, for the skirt, you need a wide chiffon ribbon.

The width of the chiffon ribbon will determine the length of your skirt, so read through this tutorial first to see what width you need.

Before you start sewing the skirt, make sure you hot glue, or use some kind of fray preventive product, on the cut edge to avoid a disaster – you want to keep these ends from fraying, and it’s easier to do BEFORE you put these together 😛 When making skirts for my girl Sylvanian dolls, I cut the length of the ribbon about 20 cm long.

Next, fold the chiffon ribbon in half, but not exactly, maybe 4/5 of the way. You want to leave a slight gap, like in the picture below.  Sew about 1 mm away from the folded part to make the gather for the skirt.

This is how it should look like when you are done.

In the center of the skirt, dot a small amount of hot glue, and thread through a narrow ribbon, then glue on the rest of the skirt onto the ribbon. Make sure that the gather of the skirt is evenly distributed! Also, depending on how see through your skirt is, you might want to glue on another layer inside with a ribbon that is not see through.

You can have the ribbon for the waist to come outside like a belt, or hidden inside, which makes the skirt to puff up a bit more. Your choice.

Fold in about 5 mm of the skirt edges and sew or hot glue on.

The torso is made exactly the same way as the flower dress.

Glue and hold the ends of a ribbon that’s about 1 cm wide, and adhere to the skirt.  That’s it!

You can make ribbon we tied around the waist a little bit longer, so you can tie it in the back, or you can just hot glue on the Velcro on the edges of the skit.  I kind of prefer the Velcro, so that I can glue the wings on easily, but this is totally up to you.


flower dress

This flower dress is a no-sew-dress.  You just need a glue gun. Make sure you use a low-temp glue gun so you don’t burn your fingers.

I’ve seen people making SF dresses using silk flowers many times before. I’m sure this technique is not foreign to you either.

Oh, by  the way, the tutorial for the fairy wings are here in case you missed it.

Take apart the silk flower.

Cut the petals apart.

Trim the size of the petals, depending on your dress design.

Put a bit of hot glue on the edge, and quickly adhere to a narrow ribbon, which will be tied around the waist of the doll.


Keep gluing on the petals like the photo above.  Make sure you don’t use too much glue, or your doll will have a very thick waist.

Get a slightly wider ribbon and fold and glue like in the picture above. This is the part for the front torso.

I used these ribbons.

Glue on the torso part on the back of the dress like this.

From the front, it should look like this. Glue on some decorations if you like.  I added some pearls and a chiffon rose on the torso.

Tie the ribbon on the back and your dress is done!

This pink dress is using two petals for the torso instead of a ribbon.

These flower dresses are perfect for the fairies!

Gorgeous dresses and a Nonohana Rabbit

Hola!  Today, I’d like to show you some new dresses I’ve got from my very dear in Japan. She had surprised me with this package last year. Check it out!

Cute dresses, right?  She always makes making dresses look so easy, but I know it’s not!  I don’t even know how she finds the time for all of her crafts, really.

And this cute pie, “Nonohana Rabbit Girl” was a surprise she had been planning on for me.  “Nonohana Rabbits” are only sold inside the SF theme park in Shizuoka, Japan.  I never thought I’d see one in real life. lol  My friend got this doll for me to remember her, and also purchased this beautiful dress that would go with it.  The dress is a “franche koppe” brand by Umi, a professional SF dress maker in Japan.

I also got these pretty bags, too! I’ve gotten so many pretty bags from her over time, I can start a bag shop soon! 🙂

That’s it for the SF gifts! She had also sent me bunch of yummy treats, but as you can imagine, I ate them all long time ago, so no pics! Sorry!