“recommended furniture set” for luxury townhome


Hiya! This is the last of the new product reviews.

Check it out! The “recommended furniture set” for luxury townhome/beechwood hall!

These are the contents of the set.  They might look pretty similar to the previous version of the recommended furniture set, but the lavender coloring is specifically designed for the new luxury townhouse.

These are the items for the bathroom.

As you can see, I’m really not good at creating a bathroom scene. lol

Next is my favorite part of this set, the kitchen/dining items!

A TV! My son loves to draw custom pictures for the TV screen.

And a kid size bed. I think this bed is really cute!

If you’re an avid collector, you might just want to grab this for the special edition colors.  😉


cupboard and toaster set


Hello, hello! Did you like yesterday’s review?  I thought that kitchen set was a must buy for sure!

Well, this “cupboard and toaster set” is a complimenting set that will go perfectly with them.

Let’s see what’s inside…ah!

This is the cupboard.  It has lots of storage with intricate designs.

The cooking area slides out and get bigger.

And here is the lovely pink toaster! I like the sort of retro shape, too.

The glasses and tea set are really pretty, too!  It’s really hard to believe these are smaller than a penny!

This is what it looks like with all the items in the box set up.

Together with the “stove and sink set.”

Now, you’re probably wondering how these scale with the new houses.  Don’t you worry!

First, this is inside the cozy cottage. It’s a bit too shallow for three kitchen sets in a row.

If you bring the 2nd floor part down and use it as the extended 1st floor, the kitchen sets will make a nice wall.

You can also separate the sets like this. My aim here was to not cover up windows. 😉

Moving onto the luxury townhome, this is what they look like in the kitchen area.

Sigh, I could stare at these beautiful sets forever!!


“kitchen stove and sink set”


Hi, there!  I hope you’re enjoying my reviews on the recent releases in Japan.

You may not think you can handle any more buildings, but I’m sure you can handle furniture! Teehee! Today’s review is on the new “kitchen stove and sink set” (The name is just a direct translation of what it said on the box, so when it actually comes out in your country, it will probably be different.)

Here are the contents of the box.  Don’t you just love the cute design?

This is the sink.

It has a lot of storage areas.

This is the stove unit.

I might paint the inside of the oven later.

Here are the tiny items that come with the set.

Once you put everything together, this is how it looks. I think this set is totally adorable!