extra small Halloween tree



Hello!! This is the final Halloween craft for this year.  It’s super quick and easy, and hopefully easy to try, too. 🙂

First, cut out some wires.

Bundle them up and twist the middle.  What you see left untwisted on the left in the picture will be the roots, and the right will be the branches.

Spread out the roots and branches, bunching some of them together.

Shape the creepy twisted shape of a tree.

Coat the whole tree with black nail polish.

Before the nail polish dries, sprinkle extra fine black glitter all over the tree.  This adds some thickness to the tree, covering up the obvious twists of the wires, making it look more like a tree.

I made some decorations with some beads.

Tada~! It would be even funner to make super tiny Halloween ornaments to go with this tree. 😀



Pumpkin Topiary




Hello, hello! This week’s posts are the last Halloween posts.  I know it’s not much this year, but I hope that’s okay.  If you need more Halloween crafts, check my old posts here.

Today’s craft is stacked pumpkin topiaries. Obviously, these are pretty standard design, but they add pretty good Halloween vibe to your scenery, so I hope you give it a shot making them sometime.

I made pumpkins of three different sizes with polymer clay.  For pumpkin shaping tutorial, I think this page will be good.

For this particular design, I didn’t really have to make the pumpkins look realistic, so I didn’t do any dark washes etc after painting the pumpkins orange, black and white with some acrylic paint.

Yes I made this planter as well.  I just used polymer clay, and then coated the surface with a thin layer of clear glue for a glossy look.  It’s quick and easy, not to mention cheap alternative to using resin.  (Of course resin would be better at reinforcing the strength of the piece, however.)

Alternatively, you can just ignore the planter and place 3 tacked pumpkins at the doorstep.  That should still look very cute.

Once each piece is finished, I hot glued them together.


Halloween window boxes

Hiya! It’s looking really pretty outside with yellow leaves lately.  How about where you live?

Japanese people say Autumn is the season for art, food, and reading.  Which one is yours?  I just finished Dan Brown’s new book, and feeling like reading more….but then I usually don’t do anything around the house when I’m reading, so maybe I should stop here…lol

Today I just wanted to show you some pics of my Halloween window boxes I made.  No tutorials though, as they’re just the same as regular window boxes I made before.

This restaurant’s wall color is pretty tricky to me to find the colors that match.  It’s just my opinion though…

An elegant witch coming out of an elegant restaurant.  This year’s Halloween for my Sylvanians is so meager compared to 2015’s.  But I think I’ll just save the fun for next year. 🙂