teeny-tiny snow dome

Hooray! It’s officially December! Did you start an advent calendar?  Back when I was in college, I used to open all the doors and eat all the chocolate on the first day!

I made a snow dome for the Sylvanian scene inside of my candle lantern.

I found these glass dome thingies in the accessory parts isle at Michael’s.  They are 2cm in diameter.

I didn’t feel like using the metal base as is, so I made a hoax wood base with polymer clay.

First I made some marble clay using different shades of brown.

Then I rolled the clay out.  I put a toothpick on each side so that the clay would roll out at an even thickness.

Before cutting out the clay, I brushed some corn starch onto the surface to avoid clay sticking on.

I pressed in the glass dome to make indentations.

Then with a one size larger cookie cutter, I cut the circles out.

At this point, I baked my clay.

Once the clay was hard, I sanded the base to smooth out the shape.

I like oven bake polymer clay, because it doesn’t really shrink while hardening.  The glass dome fits perfectly!

It’s a bit too much to go into details with super mini decorations inside, but I’ll show how I made the trees.  I made different shades of green balls with clay.

Then I shaped them into cones and baked them in the oven.

On the bottom of the hard cones, I stuck in sewing needles.

While holding  the needles, I turned the cone while carving the trees.  It’s just like sharpening pencils with a knife!

These trees are pretty cute – even without the snow on top!

Here’s my teeny-tiny snowman.

And a log house.  I painted it afterwords.

I super glued all the pieces onto the base at the end.

It was fun making this snow dome, but the parts were too tiny for my tired eyes, and I ended up with only finishing just one dome.




Snowflake Floor

Hi, there! For this year’s Christmas decoration, I’m making a small scene using my Sylvanians and miniatures.  This candle lantern is a pretty standard size, and I thought it would be a good size to do a smaller project inside.

First of all, I decided to make a snowflake pattern on the floor.  With a pencil, I drew bunch of lines like this on a piece of card stock paper.  I can’t really explain how I came up with these lines, because I just did it randomly, hahaha.

And I drew red lines over with a pen to make the shape kind of like a snowflake.  Then, to avoid getting confused later, I erased the pencil lines.

I colored the pattern to decide on which color distribution would work.  And then cut the each piece out.

On a piece of wooden crafting sheet, I drew the lines using the cut outs.  I realize it would probably be hard to find wooden craft sheets like mine (I saw them once at Target and haven’t seen them since) but you can definitely use paper with wood prints on, or thin balsa wood with stain of your choice.

I cut the wooded pieces out, and carefully placed them in order.

On a base board (in my case, a foam board), I glued on the wood pieces one by one.

I had to place heavy books on top as it dried to make sure that the wooden pieces stayed flat, but I think it turned out pretty cool.


paper plates


Hola! Have you started making Halloween decorations for your Sylvanians yet? I kind of have, although I’m not planning on doing it whole a lot like a couple of years ago.  These new Halloween posts will come out later this month.

Oh yeah, US ToysRUs is selling their exclusive gift set bundles, by the way! Both of them are $49.99 each.  When I consider I had spent $150 for the stuff in the “Country Doctor Gift Set” importing them from Japan, this is a great buy!! I bought “Forest Nursery Gift Set” with a HUGE smile on my face. 😀


So you know how I made mugs out of straws last week, right?  After seeing how well it was received, I thought I’d make plates, too.

Well, this time I’m not using straws.  I’m using card stocks. You can use origami or other kind of paper as well, but I prefer something slightly thicker than thin origami.  It makes making plates much easier.

First, find yourself some card stock thickness paper pieces.  You can even do plain colored paper.

I happened to have a 1 inch size circle puncher, so it was a breeze for me to cut out the circles.

Of course you can just trace the circles shapes, and cut them out with scissors, too!

To make the flat circle into a shape of a plate, we will use a miniature plastic plate from Sylvanian Families.  If you are visiting my site, you probably have a few already! The plastic plate I used is from a treasure box of Captain Seadog. 😉

Place the paper circle on your plastic plate, facing up.  This is how it looks like from the back of the plate.  Center the plastic plate, looking at the two stacked pieces this way from the back.

Use the surface of a small ball or anything ball shape, press firmly along where the dip of the plate is.  Doing this will turn the paper circle into the same shape as the plastic plate underneath.


You can just use the shaped paper plates as paper plates, but if you prefer more thickness and shine on your plates, coat both sides with layers of clear nail polish. 2-3 coats should do the trick.

Finished! Easy, right? You can use the same decoration ideas as the mugs, so this should be a pretty fun!

Oh, by the way, these colorful treats on the plates in the photo below are made by my friend, Okenoruk in Japan!

They came in a cute box, too!

It’s awesome to have good miniature crafting friends, you know? 🙂