Shika Chan Statue and Topiary


As you probably know, I have a very good SF friend, Soramama, in Japan; her family and I had a great fun time together at the Tokyo Toy Show last year! A while ago, I asked her if there were anything she wanted that I could make for her town. She said she was interested in a deer Sylvanian shaped topiary.  She has a deer character in her town is named, “Shika Chan” (Shika is the Japanese word for “deer”).  On her blog and Instagram, “Shika Chan” is actually the main character that goes everywhere with her – she even throws a birthday party for him every year!

Considering the number of topiaries I’ve made over my crafting career (?), making the Shika Chan topiary wouldn’t take me long. So, as a surprise,  I thought I’d make a bronze statue of Shika Chan and throw it in the package.

…and, here they are!

Shika Chan is actually a closed hand type character, and I only had open handed deer.  In cases like this, there tends to be slight differences in body shape and faces as well.  I mainly referred to my deer, but tried to pay close attention to the photos, which Soramama has posted on her blog.  I also needed to do this because Shika Chan wears his signature overalls as his outfit and I wanted to incorporate those into his statue.

After I made a statue out of polymer clay, I then made a mold, then a cast using that mold.  I then used the cast for the topiary, as it didn’t need a high level of detail.

And here it is!  A Shika Chan topiary!


And a Shika Chan bronze statue!

If you are interested in tutorials, here are the links to some of the tutorials that I’ve done in  the past that came into play during this tutorial.


Happy Holidays!

Hooray, my Christmas display is finally finished! I’m so happy I got it done before Christmas….lol

This year’s display is much much smaller compared to last year’s, but I’ve packed the inside with lots of fun things!


Let’s open the glass door…

It’s a scene of a Christmas gift shop! I have some of the items I’ve received as gifts from my friends incorporated in this scene, too.  I wonder how many of you hard core readers of this blog can spot them. :p

Alright, let’s have the shoppers wait outside for a minute, and I’ll show you around…

This is the view from the side.  I hope it looks exciting enough that you’d want to walk in and take a look. 🙂

“Welcome!”  I made this gray wooden counter using balsa wood.

I’ve repainted an old SF shelf into Christmas design.   I’ve used some store bought items for this display, like the white deer, red robin, teddy bear (I added his scarf), and jams from SF miniatures.

After giving out the last snow dome, I decided to make another to keep, and put on the counter.  This time, I added a sled and a wreath on the cottage door.

This is a cookie mix jar I made with my son.  We used real cookie ingredients from our pantry. (Luckily, SLC is ridiculously dry all year around, so we don’t have to worry about mold etc.  If you’re trying this out, I recommend sticking in a few silica gel balls inside.)

This is another part I like about this scene.  I made miniature paper bags out of washi tapes.

Okay, so did you spot any of the creations by my friends?

This flower pot was given to me by Yuuzu a couple years ago.

These balls of yarn are from Okenoruk.

I boxed some of the Chocolates from Soramama.

And a Christmas plate from Matsuko.

I’m pretty happy with  this display, although I won’t have very much time to display it in my house this year.  Let’s hope it’s still intact next Christmas!

Oh, and I’m going to be doing some constructions on this site during the Christmas break, so I think I will take a bit of a break from posting as well.  My plan is to be back with a new article early January.

Happy Holidays, everyone! See you soon!


A Gigantic Gift Box

Wow, this week feels like Christmas came a bit early for me!

Guess what I have received from my friend Soramama in Japan?

A GIGANTIC SYLVANIAN BOX!  Now my son thinks I’m having the best Christmas in our family this year. 😀

This totally caught me off guard, I was completely speechless for quite some time!

I don’t like boasting much, but since this is my blog, and you might just be interested…….okay, okay, I want to brag about it!! You stay here and read on! Mwahahaha!  Soramama has included bunch of other things for me and my family, but I will just show you the SF related things here.  Besides, I think it’s almost a sin to not share with you guys all the Japanese SF awesomeness!

2018 SF calendar!! Yesss! I bought 2017 one in Tokyo this year, and I’ve been loving it a lot, this alone would have been a great gift for me!

What you see in pink is a new SF sticker book that just came out in Japan.  I actually use cute SF stickers on packages and letters to friends quite often, so this is great, too!

What is this tin SF box, you ask?

There is a famous pastry shop in Tokyo called “colonbin,” and I guess they were doing a collaboration with SF this fall. I think Japanese cookies are the best in the world!! Well, in my opinion, anyway. :p  They tend to be very flaky and have a subtle sweetness which really brings out the flavors of ingredients.  I love Japanese treats so much, I dream about them often!

OMG, I was not planning on obtaining these new 2017 furniture boxes until they came out in the US! Oh my oh my oh my…..!!!

And there was this big box inside, and I opened it…and wow, I found the Japan SF fan club online store only color restaurant inside!  And do you see the windows? They are also exclusives to the fan club site.  Thing about this fan club site is, you can join the club living overseas, but the online shop won’t deliver items outside of Japan.  Since I don’t like supporting online resellers much, I had given up on these items long ago.

Last but not least…this box!

It reads, “limited edition special party set.”  This is obtainable by sending in “Ivy marks” on the Japanese edition 2017 cozy cottage and 2017 town home (the offer ends by the end of this year).  Again, they were not going to deliver overseas, so I had given up on getting it.  But Soramama told me to send her the Ivy Marks so she can get the box for me.  How absolutely thoughtful of her!!!

This is what’s inside the box.  Yippie!!  I think the pink seaside version is cute, too though.  Oh how I wish they sell it out here in the US….lol