Kabaya Sylvanian Families Mini Series

Hi, there!

Have you heard of Sylvanian Families “mini series” by Kabaya?

These are boxes containing about 1/64 scale Sylvanian Families miniatures and a piece of candy.  You can find them in the snack aisle at Japanese grocery stores. (For US residents, you usually find them on eBay or Rakuten global.)


Most of these miniatures scale similarly or equal to Epoch’s Sylvanian Families Capsule Toy series.

This is what it looks like when you set up everything in one of the boxes.

What I like about Kabaya’s mini series is that a complete set will let you create a SF house at that super mini scale.  What’s not to love about that?

It’s pretty detailed, too!  Take a look at the views around this house.

When I put my regular SF doll, which is about 1/12 to 1/16 scale, next to it, this is how it scales.  It is a great size to collaborate with a typical train diorama, too!

Well, you know me, I won’t just display this up on a shelf.  I made an extra mini diorama using these mini series miniatures!  After all, I’m more of a crafter than a collector.

I actually got the idea at Sylvanian Kitchen at Lala port Tokyo-Bay.  When I went there last year, there was this display on the wall.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how adorable it was, and I had been wanting to make my own super mini diorama since then.

This is me, making my diorama! LOL!!

Because the scale is SO different with these mini series, the way I made the items in this diorama are pretty different from my usual 1/16 scale crafts.  I’ll introduce my new extra mini diorama next time, and also will be including tutorials in the coming posts!


A Gigantic Gift Box

Wow, this week feels like Christmas came a bit early for me!

Guess what I have received from my friend Soramama in Japan?

A GIGANTIC SYLVANIAN BOX!  Now my son thinks I’m having the best Christmas in our family this year. 😀

This totally caught me off guard, I was completely speechless for quite some time!

I don’t like boasting much, but since this is my blog, and you might just be interested…….okay, okay, I want to brag about it!! You stay here and read on! Mwahahaha!  Soramama has included bunch of other things for me and my family, but I will just show you the SF related things here.  Besides, I think it’s almost a sin to not share with you guys all the Japanese SF awesomeness!

2018 SF calendar!! Yesss! I bought 2017 one in Tokyo this year, and I’ve been loving it a lot, this alone would have been a great gift for me!

What you see in pink is a new SF sticker book that just came out in Japan.  I actually use cute SF stickers on packages and letters to friends quite often, so this is great, too!

What is this tin SF box, you ask?

There is a famous pastry shop in Tokyo called “colonbin,” and I guess they were doing a collaboration with SF this fall. I think Japanese cookies are the best in the world!! Well, in my opinion, anyway. :p  They tend to be very flaky and have a subtle sweetness which really brings out the flavors of ingredients.  I love Japanese treats so much, I dream about them often!

OMG, I was not planning on obtaining these new 2017 furniture boxes until they came out in the US! Oh my oh my oh my…..!!!

And there was this big box inside, and I opened it…and wow, I found the Japan SF fan club online store only color restaurant inside!  And do you see the windows? They are also exclusives to the fan club site.  Thing about this fan club site is, you can join the club living overseas, but the online shop won’t deliver items outside of Japan.  Since I don’t like supporting online resellers much, I had given up on these items long ago.

Last but not least…this box!

It reads, “limited edition special party set.”  This is obtainable by sending in “Ivy marks” on the Japanese edition 2017 cozy cottage and 2017 town home (the offer ends by the end of this year).  Again, they were not going to deliver overseas, so I had given up on getting it.  But Soramama told me to send her the Ivy Marks so she can get the box for me.  How absolutely thoughtful of her!!!

This is what’s inside the box.  Yippie!!  I think the pink seaside version is cute, too though.  Oh how I wish they sell it out here in the US….lol


Making Miniature Mugs out of Straws


Hi!! If you’re wondering if I’m dying again like last year, no I’m not. lol I’m doing okay now that I’m getting over that cold I had. Thanks a lot for your kind comments though! I did get lots of rest last week. 🙂

Okay, so this is the tutorial I was going to release last Tuesday…”Making mugs out of straws!”

I have done miniature mugs before with clay, but I think this is a easier one to try for people who aren’t always miniature crafting.   I have done a tutorial of this straw mug more than 2 years ago when I first started blogging in Japanese, but I still think this is a pretty cool method, so I hope you’ll read on! 😉

First, cut a straw about 1 centimeter long.  I recommend using wider straws, the kinds often used for smoothies etc. when doing this craft.  They’re just the right size for SF/CC! I got mine at IKEA. This piece will become the body of your mug.

Cut off about 2 mm off the remaining straw.  This ring is what becomes the handle of your mug.

Cut a bit of the ring off, maybe about 5~6 mm long.

Fold the both ends of the remaining ring like the photo below.

Superglue the folded ends onto the body piece.  Because plastic is pretty slippery, the handle will still come off very easily at this point even after the superglue is dry.  So be careful not to touch or hold the handle!

Fill a little bit of air dry clay at the bottom of the mug.  Use a stick and press the clay down against the crafting surface to make the bottom of the mug smooth and flat.

Coat the straw mug with white nail polish.  It can be a different color if you prefer.  This helps the handle of the mug to stay on, and it also adds a bit of thickness to the mug for more realism.

It’s easier to paint inside the mug first, then paint outside.  It’s best to work on a non-stick surface like silicone for this part.  I usually use the back of a silicone mold for crafting or cooking.

Once the base coat of nail polish is dry, do another coat with colors of your choice.  If you put an extra, thicker amount of nail polish around the ends of the handle, it really makes it look like a real mug.

For small pictures on the mug, I like using fingernail stickers from the store.  Just don’t forget to do a top coat once you’re all done decorating your mug! (Nail stickers are so useful for miniature crafting! If you see a cute design, grab it for future usage!)

Halloween mugs! 🙂

Other ideas for mug decorations:

  • Wrapping the straw with washi (masking) tape with cute designs, then coating it with clear nail polish.
  • Designing your own on a computer, print it out on a piece of paper, wrap it around the straw. (Wrap the straw with double sided tape first.)  For this, to avoid color bleeding, I recommend wrapping a clear tape over the printed design before you coat the mug with clear nail polish.
  • Origami and other printed paper to wrap around the mug.  Same as printed paper, I would use double sided tape and clear tape on this one.
  • Painting over the base coat with some acrylic paint, then coating it with clear nail polish.


I poured in some hot chocolate in my mugs. (Well, it’s resin with acrylic paint, really…lol)

Ah, it’s becoming a nice season for hot drinks!

Oh, by the way, my friend Soramama sent me another package the other day, and it included 2nd edition of capsule toy collection for the village cake shop. (That’s what you see in the photo above.)  Thank you, Soramama!!