Heart Shaped Box with Lid

Hello, hello!  The box in this tutorial is something I really worked hard to create.  I figured many of you probably want something like this, but often times boxes aren’t the easiest crafts to figure out.

I made it so that the success rate is high as long as you follow exactly what I did here.   I hope you give it a try!  Also, if you do it this way, you can practically make any shape of box you like. 😉 In this tutorial, I used Balsa Wood, however thick paper works as a great substitute. The first part of this tutorial will show you how to make the thick paper, if you go that route, but the steps other than that, are the exact same.

Let’s make a heart shape first.  It’s easier if the heart is symmetric, so I drew a line in a middle of a thick paper, and drew half of a heart.   Then I cut that half heart out, and traced it on both sides of the line I drew.  Now that I have a perfectly symmetric heart shape, I cut it out with scissors.

Using the first heart, trace and cut out 6 to 8 of the same hearts on a thick paper.

Glue the hearts into two stacks of 3~4 layers.  One stack is for the box, another is for the lid.

First, lets make the box part.  Trace one of your heart stack on the back of the paper you want to use for the inside of the box.  (In this picture my heart is balsa wood, but please regard it as the paper heart stack.  It’s really much easier to use paper.)

Cut the traced heart shape out, and glue onto the stack you just used.

Cut out a strip of the same paper for inside of the box.  This is where you decide if you want your box to be deep or shallow.

Put some glue on the tip of a toothpick, and run it along the rim of the heart.

Before the glue dries, tightly wrap the strip of inner wall around the heart.  Hold the wall with your fingers until the glue is somewhat set.

At the dip of the heart, cut the excess wall off.

As you can tell, my inner wall paper happened to have the pattern I wanted to use for the the outer wall already printed on the back.  But If it’s not the case for you, here is one more step to take.  It actually reinforces the box, so it’s not a bad thing.

Here, I have a different box with wall set up.  I want pink paper on the outside of this box.

I just cut out another strip of paper using the pattern I want for the outer wall, and glued it along the inner wall!

Okay, now let’s move onto the lid of the box.  Grab the other unused stack of paper hearts. (or balsa heart…lol)

Measure the thickness of your heart, and cut 2 strips of paper at the same thickness.  Also cut out another strip that is the height you want for the lid.

Glue on the 2 narrow strips along the paper heart stack. This will give just the right size increase you need for your lid to fit right on your box.

Now trace that heart on the back of the paper you want for the inside of the lid.

Cut the heart out.

And glue it on.

Glue on the inner wall along the heart, and you have a lid.

The left is the box and the right is the lid.

If you use the paper that needs another layer of wall, then it is the same thing as the box, but glue on another layer around the lid that is for the outer wall of the lid.

Okay, now the box shapes are done, let’s finish them up.  Trace the shapes of both box and the lid on the back of the paper you want to use for the outside of the box.

Cut them out.

And glue them on!

Now the box is really finished!



The lid fits on really nicely, too.  Enjoy!





Heart Chocolates

Hiya!  Do you remember my last post about the way to make lots of heart shaped miniatures? In today’s tutorial,  I am using the same technique to make some heart shaped chocolates for Valentine’s.

This time, I used a 5mm diameter straw, which I think is a pretty standard size, to make the heart shape cutter.  If you missed the last tutorial, here is the link on how to make a heart shape cookie cutter out of a straw. –> “DIY miniature heart shape cookie cutter”

I rolled out some chocolate color clay.

And cut out heart shapes.  (It’s easier if your clay isn’t too think.  If you have a hard time getting your hearts cut out, try making your clay thinner.)

They look ready to go in my mouth.

After hardening the clay, I decided to decorate some of my chocolate hearts.

I used these different types of glue to make caramel, red glaze, and white chocolate.

Now I’ll explain how I made the paper cups to fit the individual chocolates in.

I used a piece of tissue paper for gift wrapping.

I pressed down a straw to leave circles on the paper.

And cut the circles out with scissors.  If you have a good size hole puncher, this process would be a lot easier, I think.

Place a circle tissue paper on a silicone, or anywhere soft.  You can even do it on your bed. lol

And press down in the middle with something like the back of a paint brush or a pencil.


They don’t look so bad, do they?

I used some glue to glue on my chocolate hearts onto the paper cups.

Once I fit them all in a box, it’s a nice Valentine’s day gift!  I will show you how to make a heart shaped box with a lid in the next post.

I like eating these chocolates in a big heart box all by myself while being lazy on my bed….mmm

paper plates


Hola! Have you started making Halloween decorations for your Sylvanians yet? I kind of have, although I’m not planning on doing it whole a lot like a couple of years ago.  These new Halloween posts will come out later this month.

Oh yeah, US ToysRUs is selling their exclusive gift set bundles, by the way! Both of them are $49.99 each.  When I consider I had spent $150 for the stuff in the “Country Doctor Gift Set” importing them from Japan, this is a great buy!! I bought “Forest Nursery Gift Set” with a HUGE smile on my face. 😀


So you know how I made mugs out of straws last week, right?  After seeing how well it was received, I thought I’d make plates, too.

Well, this time I’m not using straws.  I’m using card stocks. You can use origami or other kind of paper as well, but I prefer something slightly thicker than thin origami.  It makes making plates much easier.

First, find yourself some card stock thickness paper pieces.  You can even do plain colored paper.

I happened to have a 1 inch size circle puncher, so it was a breeze for me to cut out the circles.

Of course you can just trace the circles shapes, and cut them out with scissors, too!

To make the flat circle into a shape of a plate, we will use a miniature plastic plate from Sylvanian Families.  If you are visiting my site, you probably have a few already! The plastic plate I used is from a treasure box of Captain Seadog. 😉

Place the paper circle on your plastic plate, facing up.  This is how it looks like from the back of the plate.  Center the plastic plate, looking at the two stacked pieces this way from the back.

Use the surface of a small ball or anything ball shape, press firmly along where the dip of the plate is.  Doing this will turn the paper circle into the same shape as the plastic plate underneath.


You can just use the shaped paper plates as paper plates, but if you prefer more thickness and shine on your plates, coat both sides with layers of clear nail polish. 2-3 coats should do the trick.

Finished! Easy, right? You can use the same decoration ideas as the mugs, so this should be a pretty fun!

Oh, by the way, these colorful treats on the plates in the photo below are made by my friend, Okenoruk in Japan!

They came in a cute box, too!

It’s awesome to have good miniature crafting friends, you know? 🙂