Village Cake Shop and other mini things…


Hola! Today I’m reviewing the “Village Cake Shop.” It comes with a Poodle mama.

Here are views from different angles.  I like everything about this building. The colors used, the designs… the windows and the doors…mmmhm!

It comes with lots of cakes, it sure feels like a good buy! This is probably the most played shop along with the supermarket in my household.

Here is the link on Japanese Sylvanian Families site of this product for cute pics and video!  And for more detailed English description, you can visit here at UK SF site.


Okay, this article has multiple reviews included as the title states.  They are all cake shop related, so I thought I’d do a collaboration.


Next item to introduce you, is the “Cake Decorating Set.”  It’s a supplemental box for the Village Cake Shop.  This set comes with the items in the photo below.  Yes, it even comes with this cute Poodle (the daughter of the cake shop owner)!

Side by side, you can see that they even have cute matching outfits!

For more information, visit UK SF site, here!


Okay, this next item is actually a bit harder to obtain.  I got these capsule toys (gashapon) from my friend, Soramama when I visited Tokyo.  If you’re interested, eBay might be your best bet.  (….come to think of it, why are American capsule toys so crappy?! I really wish they were like the ones in Japan!)

This is what was inside.  These little accessories are made to go with the Village Cake Shop.

Here you can see some of the capsule toy items on display with Village Cake Shop miniatures.

Soramama always makes super yummy looking miniature sweets.  She gave me her creations along with the capsule toys and bunch of other things!!

They go with the cake shop so well! Thank you, Soramama!


Oh, by the way,  I just couldn’t find the time to take good enough photos for the “Fruit Wagon” review, so please go visit SF UK site  for information and photos and hopefully that’s okay with you.  I’m sorry!



U.S. New Products Alert!!


Hi there, friends! I went to Toys R Us today, and guess what I found in the Calico Critters isle?!


I have them imported from Japan already, but for you who patiently waited for the US releases, here they are!! (I did acquire the permission for photo taking at the store.)

I’m guessing these just hit the shelves as I can’t find them on Toys R Us website nor CC official site.  The prices are very much agreeable to me compared to previous releases.  What do you think?

There might be more coming soon, who knows?? We shall keep checking!

Now, go run to the store!! LOL


Aquabeads – Sylvanian Families Box



Hola! I know we’re still in a middle of my beach town diorama tutorials, but aren’t you a bit tired of beach-y stuff yet?  Well, I am!  So today, we take a little break from all that blue stuff, and look at something fun for both you and your kids.

Have you ever heard of  “Aquabeads“?  They’re kind of like iron beads kids like to make cool things with, except you don’t need to use iron, you just need water for the beads to stick together. I didn’t realize it until recently, but it’s made by Epoch! XD

In the US, many retailers carry Aquabeads, along with other knockoff brands.  In Japan, you can get whole a lot of themed sets.  My son and I have been playing with Aquabeads for a few years now, it’s a safer and prettier alternative to iron beads.

Inside this particular, SF set, there are enough beads to make all  the items on the box.

My son likes to make Mario characters and cute animals. 🙂

It’s summer break right now, and I spend a lot of time playing with my son.  Aquabeads really helps, because we both have fun doing it.  Our recent favorite is making our original sea creatures with them.

Sitting next to him, I made my SF ones.  I like using tweezers for placing beads, but the set does have a special pen for it.

Once we were done with placing the beads, we sprinkled some water all over them.

Let the excess water drip out, and we waited for the beads to dry….

Awww, how cute!  This is such a fun and creative toy, and we love it!

SF set also comes with 3 stands for the characters.

What we usually do with our creations is we glue on magnets on the backs, and have fun creating scenes with them on the fridge.

*My niece drew me a sketch of her SF clothing ideas. 🙂

Aquabeads have many types of beads including see though “gem beads.” They look so pretty by the window.  (Don’t mind the dirty window…lol)

Another thing I made is a mobile.

I used 3 popsicle sticks.

I hot glued them to make a triangle like this.

And dangled my creations using a fine fishing wire!

Pretty darn cute, I say!