Snowflake Floor

Hi, there! For this year’s Christmas decoration, I’m making a small scene using my Sylvanians and miniatures.  This candle lantern is a pretty standard size, and I thought it would be a good size to do a smaller project inside.

First of all, I decided to make a snowflake pattern on the floor.  With a pencil, I drew bunch of lines like this on a piece of card stock paper.  I can’t really explain how I came up with these lines, because I just did it randomly, hahaha.

And I drew red lines over with a pen to make the shape kind of like a snowflake.  Then, to avoid getting confused later, I erased the pencil lines.

I colored the pattern to decide on which color distribution would work.  And then cut the each piece out.

On a piece of wooden crafting sheet, I drew the lines using the cut outs.  I realize it would probably be hard to find wooden craft sheets like mine (I saw them once at Target and haven’t seen them since) but you can definitely use paper with wood prints on, or thin balsa wood with stain of your choice.

I cut the wooded pieces out, and carefully placed them in order.

On a base board (in my case, a foam board), I glued on the wood pieces one by one.

I had to place heavy books on top as it dried to make sure that the wooden pieces stayed flat, but I think it turned out pretty cool.


Christmas Window Display

I’m totally running out of time to do all the Christmas crafts I wanted to do for my SF town, but here is something I just had to do!

Photo Dec 14, 2 53 44 PM

This building is a repainted Applewood Department store I obtained used.  While painting the walls, somehow I ruined the windows with my masking tape! (???) It was so weird, my tape melted the plastic windows?? Oh well, it doesn’t make any senses to me, but I ended up replacing the windows with a plastic sheet that was used for the Calico Critters family box. 😉 I also got rid of the two pillars that were blocking the view and I think it doesn’t look so bad!

I have installed some white LED lights on the ceiling of the window display. I was going for the icy blue and silver look and the white lights did a good job.

To make this display, I first cut out 5mm thick foam board into the shape of the floor, and covered the surface with some white glitters.  I could have used baking powder here too, but I wanted the look of an artificial snow on window displays I see at real stores.

Photo Dec 14, 10 38 56 AMPhoto Dec 14, 10 50 52 AM

Then I stuck a miniature tree using some hot glue.

Photo Dec 14, 11 29 29 AM

For the background, I made a wall with a foam board with a piece of snowflake printed paper glued on top.

Photo Dec 14, 11 29 52 AM Photo Dec 14, 11 32 28 AM

Then I thought I should add more things on the wall, and hot glued some snowflake shaped buttons on it.

Photo Dec 14, 11 59 28 AMPhoto Dec 14, 12 04 36 PM

Oh yeah, the icy thing wrapped around the tree now is a part of an actual Christmas tree ornament that I cut off.  It’s just bunch of clear beads on a string though.

Photo Dec 14, 12 13 03 PM

Also I hot glued some bushes to add to the background.

Photo Dec 14, 2 29 28 PM

I made the presents on the ground and put the display back in the store…

What do you think?

Photo Dec 14, 2 54 34 PM


animal figurines

I think this craft will remind you of the dinosaurs for the boys room I did a while ago.  It’s basically the same thing, it’s just for Christmas this time.

So there’s a company called, “Safari ltd.” that makes these tiny rubbery figurines of animals etc, and I just painted over the polar bear and the moose.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find a deer nor reindeer though.

Photo Dec 03, 5 36 30 PM (1)

For the moose, I used liquid gold leaf.  It’s best to coat it with something clear and hard to avoid chipping later on.

Photo Nov 27, 1 53 11 PM-001

I painted the polar bear pearly white, then covered it with white glitters. It’s easier to stick a needle in the figurines while you do the painting.

Photo Nov 27, 2 17 28 PM-001 Photo Nov 27, 2 30 47 PM-001

Just to be sure, I clear coated with some clear acrylic paint.  It would have been even better if I had used clear resin for the coating instead, especially for the moose.


Photo Nov 27, 6 41 28 PM

You’ve seen Christmas figurines like these before haven’t you?

Photo Nov 27, 10 01 16 PM