Easter Egg Balloons

As Easter approaches, I’ve started to see pastel colored Styrofoam eggs in stores.  They reminded me of a blog post done by one of my favorite Japanese bloggers, Umeko.  A while back, she had posted adorable photos of her balloon shop in her Sylvanian village………Hang on, did you just skip that link?  If you just skipped the link to her page, I strongly recommend you think again! Umeko’s blog is filled with the cutest Sylvanian photos!!  She has such a talent for putting together the scenes that just scream, “CUTE!!!”  I can’t tell you how much time I have spent staring at her photos!

Anyway,  so she had flipped over a Styrofoam Easter egg, added a bead, and had stuck a wire to make it look like a balloon on a string.  I thought it was the smartest craft I had ever seen!

Photo Mar 06, 10 47 28 PM (1)

I have found a bag full of Styrofoam eggs at a dollar store.  I can paint them and make any color I want!

Photo Mar 06, 9 31 05 PM

I begged Umeko to let me share this idea with you guys, because it’s the best time to get these eggs right now!  I hope you liked the idea as much as I did!

Photo Mar 06, 9 34 42 PM

Chain Barrier

Hiya! My town’s man-made lakeside has finally been upgraded with a chain barrier, so that my Sylvanians don’t fall into the lake. 😉

Photo Feb 28, 1 40 47 PM

I could think of various materials and methods for the pole, but I chose clay for more sturdiness and durability.  (If you don’t use oven bake clay, you can substitute the paste with glue.)

First, flatten out the polymer clay, and cut out circles.  Bake the circles in the oven.

Photo Feb 26, 7 37 45 PM

Next, cut out slightly smaller circles, and push through a nail (the kind with a flat head) in the middle.

Photo Feb 26, 8 14 47 PM Photo Feb 26, 8 15 15 PM

Spread some poly paste on the bigger circle, and place the nail with the clay on it.  With the nail inside, the poles are much harder to bend in the future, and also it’s easier to make all the poles the same height.  Bake again.

Photo Feb 26, 8 16 12 PM Photo Feb 26, 8 36 43 PM

wrap the exposed part of the nail with equal amount of clay for each pole.  Try to keep the pole straight.  Bake once more.

Photo Feb 26, 10 09 31 PM

With a carving knife, add some lines to the side of the pole. (Of course you can skip this, if you prefer.)

Photo Feb 27, 3 33 13 PM

Cut a wire and curl both ends like the photo below.

Photo Feb 27, 4 05 42 PM

Put some poly paste on top of the pole, and place the wire.

Photo Feb 27, 4 33 55 PM

Cut out some small circles with a plastic straw.

Photo Feb 27, 4 40 49 PM

Place the small circle on top and cover up the wire.

Photo Feb 27, 4 42 44 PM

Put a bit of poly paste on top, and attach a metal bead. (Make sure it’s not plastic if you’re baking after this.)

Photo Feb 27, 4 51 57 PM

Once the pole is baked and cured, paint it with some acrylic paint or spray paint.

Photo Feb 28, 12 30 12 PM

Place the poles on desired spots. ( I glued them onto the ground)

Photo Feb 28, 12 48 19 PM

Attach chains to the wire part of the poles.  I used chain normally used for accessories such as bracelets and necklaces.

Photo Feb 28, 1 00 18 PM

It turned out pretty good!

Photo Feb 28, 1 30 17 PM

A surprise birthday package from SylvaMAnia-san!

Hola, friends!

I received a package from SylvaMania today.  She is a Japanese SF blogger, who lives in the US.  She recently started her blog, as well as her YouTube Channel.  She films in both English and Japanese, so you might have fun watching her videos while picking up some Japanese.

SylvaMAnia kindly offered to share her new finds of discontinued Calico Critters, and ended up sending me more than I deserve!

Photo Feb 24, 7 29 32 PM

Aww my cow family finally has kids!  I got mom and dad with a used SF house I bought a while ago.  They now have two little babies to take care of other than their grocery store in Humpty Town. 🙂

Photo Feb 24, 7 36 50 PM

And look, a wedding set!  I never thought I’d have this box in my house.  SylvaMania said this was for my birthday! How sweet of her!!  As soon as I have more land for my town, I’m so going to get a chapel for them!

Photo Feb 24, 7 30 14 PM

And here is a newlywed couple I had all along….I’m really not a fan of their outdated outfits, so I’m pretty happy that my Sylvanians can now have a decent modern wedding. 🙂

Photo Feb 24, 7 33 25 PM

Lookie, cute signs for my town! I think SylvaMAnia handmade these. (I forgot to ask. ;p)  What a cleaver idea!! These washi tapes are pretty nifty, aren’t they?

Photo Feb 24, 8 08 42 PM

She also included a big roll of flower wire (how did she know that I was running out, I’ll never know…lol), and Japanese girl’s day figurines.  Aww, why is everyone so sweet to me?!

Photo Feb 24, 7 28 18 PM

The last but not least, I loved the birthday card! Ever since I started to blog, I’ve been collecting cards and letters in a special box.  It’s nice to receive handwritten letters in such a digital age, you know?

Thank you so much, SylvaMAnia! You made my day, for sure!