This is the first building I really played with in 2015.  It was originally made as a restaurant, and later became a bed & breakfast.  This SF building comes as the three story residential home, and doesn’t originally come with so much painting job.  It is rather plain looking when you first open the box, but if you closely look at the details on the wall, you’ll realize it has a lot of potential.  Just painting the trims and bricks will transform the building into an adorable house from a fairy tale.

This used to be a hamburger shop, but because I wasn’t too sure on the idea of a fast food restaurant in the world of SF, I turned it into a cafe.  I guess I thought it was a bit too modern back then.

I think a cake shop is a must in a miniature town like this.  I didn’t have any access to SF cake shops, so I made this one out of foam boards.  It was my first all hand made building structure.

After making the cake shop, I had an idea to make upstairs of the strip mall.  I made a balcony and also created this “Red & The Wolf” bakery.  I never really got around to finishing the inside though. The only thing I had inside was a brick oven I had made with the help of Sayapon‘s tutorial.  The model was of course the SF pizza oven, which I just couldn’t find anywhere back then.


Next door to the bakery, was a tailor.  I like making the outside of the buildings but I guess I really don’t care very much about the inside…this shop also went down the same fate as the bakery.

This is the restaurant that stole the spot light from the original restaurant, which later turned into B&B.  I really liked the steps and hydrangeas I added up front.

When I finally obtained the long dreamed applewood department store, it was used and needed some fixing.  I painted the whole thing, and turned the downstairs into kids’ clothing store.


Upstairs of the applewood department store became a tea shop with a little tea room in the back.


When a ballet theater came out in the US, I just had to have it! When I was a kid, I did ballet quite intensively.  It totally brought back my memory! This building is so beautifully made, and the gimmicks are a lot of fun!

And this is  the flower shop that I made most recently.