tourist attractions

This is the first fountain I made back in 2015.  It didn’t turn out quite how I imagined, but it served me well enough.

I also made this flowerbed very early, at the beginning of my town making.  It was filled with my first ever handmade flowers.  I’d say it took over 30 hours to make it.

Later on in 2016, I moved the flowerbed into the middle of the tulip park.

A forest with big trees was also one of my earliest creations.  The portable pond was great for taking nostalgic photos.


This is an area I called, “lovers’ lane.”  I made lots of roses for this area.


The beach diorama was a fun project to do with my son.


In the winter of 2015, I made this snowy diorama.  Just like the beach diorama above, this seasonal diorama was fun to make and play with.


I also made a man-made pond by the shopping area.  Having lots of water and green in the town really works well with SF dolls.

In 2016, although I was sick most of the year, I managed to make a very green diorama, featuring a big pond with a waterfall.


After a long break, I came back to blog again.  This is the new town diorama I made for Epoch for 2017 International Tokyo Toy Show.



In summer of 2017, I made a beach town diorama using the seaside series.